HiSIM Research Center

HiSIM: Hiroshima-University STARC IGFET Model

HiSIM refers to a family of compact models for integrated devices with a MOSFET core. The HiSIM models are based on a complete surface potential description. 

The 4th International Symposium on Devices, Circuits and Systems (ISDCS 2021)
to be held online, from 3 to 5 March, 2021.

Overview of the HiSIM Compact Model Family

Four members of the HiSIM family have been selected as international industry standards by the Compact Model Coalition (CMC).
HiSIM-HV  (1st standard-version release in January 2009) : High-Voltage MOS-Device Model Standard
HiSIM2 (1st standard-version release in April 2011) : 2nd Generation MOSFET Model Standard
HiSIM-SOI  (1st standard-version release in July 2012) :  Surface-Potential SOI-MOSFET Model Standard
HiSIM-SOTB  (1st standard-version release in December 2014) :  Surface-Potential-Based Model Standard for SOI-MOSFET with Thin Silicon and BOX Layers as well as Multi-Gate MOSFETs
What's New
2017/10/5  Offer for Assistant Professor (Tenure Track, Female Researcher, Application deadline: Oct. 31, 2017) is posted.

2016/11/16 Offer for Post-Doctoral Research Position (Application deadline: Jan. 31, 2017) is posted.

2015/09/12 Diode_CMC 2.0.0 implementing the reverse-recovery model equations of the HiSIM Research Center is released.
2014/12/20 First CMC Standard version of HiSIM-SOTB (HiSIM_SOTB1.0.0) is released.
2014/05/31 HiSIM-SOTB selection process as new CMC standard model complete.
2013/07/01 New member: Fengwei An's profile is posted.
2013/04/09 Establishment of the HiSIM Consortium (For promoting practical usage of the HiSIM models for power devices).
2012/07/25 First CMC Standard version of HiSIM-SOI (HiSIM_SOI1.0.0) is released.
2012/04/04 New member: Takahiro Iizuka's profile is posted.
2012/03/16 New member: Tapas Kumar Maiti's profile is posted.
2011/12/13 Release of new CMC Standard version for HiSIM2 (HiSIM2.6.0).
2011/11/10 Offer for Post-Doctoral Research Position is posted.
2011/10/28 Release of new CMC Standard version for HiSIM-HV (HiSIM_HV2.0.0). 
2011/10/21 Application Information for PhD-Student Scholarships is posted.
2011/04/12 First CMC Standard version of HiSIM2 (HiSIM2.5.1) is released.
2011/04/05 Major website update.

Main Links
ISDCS 2019 
(The 2nd International Symposium on Devices, Circuits and Systems) 
(Open Source Circuit Simulator with latest Versions of HiSIM-HV and HiSIM2 implemented)


 Authors: Mitiko Miura-Mattausch, Hans Jürgen Mattausch, Tatsuya Ezaki

 Title: "The Physics and Modeling of MOSFETS: Surface-Potential and Modeling HiSIM"

 Publisher: World Scientific Pub Co Inc. (2008)